Thursday, November 13, 2008

for the cause...

it's for a good cause. breast cancer research. with my family history, i can use all the help i can get. please go, sign up, and volunteer at
it doesn't cost anything to volunteer. thank you to
for putting it out there. i don't remember how i got to your blog, but i did, and it's a wonderful thing.
hey, it got me to slither out from under the "i don't wanna comunicate "
rock i've been under for months now.

Monday, August 18, 2008

the red scarf project

scout from scout's swag has reminded us that it's time to spread the word for this year's red scarf project...
here's the info :
These are the important things everyone needs to know straight from Norma’s blog:
Scarves for the Red Scarf Project will be accepted from September 1-October 31st this year.
And don’t forget, gift cards and notes attached to the scarves are very much appreciated. You might also want to make a little donation to the Red Scarf Fund. All those wonderful former foster kids, like the ones I met this summer, will thank you. Check out this link to the OFA website for all pertinent info about the scarves. Mail your completed scarves to:
Orphan Foundation of AmericaThe Red Scarf Project21351 Gentry DriveSterling, VA 20166

gotta go dig up some red yarn...hmmm...maybe something with bamboo

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

a contest !!!

Allison over at is having a contest on her blog to celebrate her 3 yr. store anniversary. you could win a skein of sKNITches Syncopation, wow !!! or maybe i could win it...even bigger wow !!!

on a personal note, i'm still the only person on the net who cannot figure out the button thing, but i've been letting it dog me for far too long, so i'm gonna try to post to my pictureless, almost buttonless blog anyway, until i figure it out. just finished reina socks from the first installment of woolgirl's sock club, and what a fun knit it was. they came out gorgeous, but you'll just have to trust me on that for now.

Monday, February 25, 2008

okay...i'm here

here is my first blog entry, so i can say i have a blog and not be lying about it. i have no idea what i'm doing .....this is definitely one of the things that gets my whiskers all twisted up--i am practically hissing at this point. i wish i had a tail.
i don't have a digital camera, which makes for a dead boring blog, but i suppose this will light that fire under my butt to get one...soon, because risiko cannot have a boring blog. that will just not do.